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    In writing a discrimination complaint, you must identify issues and bases clearly.  Issues are the 'acts
    of harm' you suffered as result of the decision makers discriminatory or retaliatory intent or animus.  
    Bases are the basis up which the act of harm occurred.  For example, the claim that "I was terminated
    based on my sex, Male" states the essence of a discrimination complaint in which the issue and the
    basis upon which the issue occurred are identified.  If one or the other is missing, you have not claim
    any discrimination.  So, for example, the statement "I was discriminated against on March 1, 2011" is
    not a valid claim because it lacks a basis.  You must identify a basis or bases.  Similarly, the
    statement "I was harassed from March 1, 2011 to April 1, 2011" is not a valid discrimination complaint,
    as it lacks the basis upon which the harassment occurred.  You must add to the statement: "... based
    on my sex" to make it a valid discrimination complaint.  

    Of course, all complaints must be signed and dated.  If a complaint is stated and signed under
    "declaration," it is even better and carries more legal weight.  See samples of Declaration under EEO
    Forms or download one.

    Issues are: termination, suspension, warning, denied accommodation, denied sick leave, denied
    annual leave, denied promotion, denied bonus, denied hire, harassment, and denied terms and
    conditions of employment (such as FMLA, OWCP benefits, health insurance, lunch break, etc.).  (See
    terms and conditions of employment.)  "Discrimination" or "retaliation" can never be the "issue,"
    despite the perfect normal sense of the word.  You cannot be discriminated or retaliated against
    without the act of harm you suffered.  

    Bases are the protected classes identified in the anti-discrimination laws such as African-American,
    Caucasian, Black, White, Color (dark brown, light brown, etc.), Age 40 or older, Sex (male or female),
    National Origin (Korea, Russia, Kenya, etc.), Ancestry (Korean, Russian, African, etc.), Disability (back
    injury, asthma, PTSD, depression, etc.), Religion (Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, etc.), sexual
    orientation, and Retaliation (prior EEO activities including any protest or complaint regarding
    discrimination to your supervisor or providing witness statement, etc.).

    See more on Issues and Bases and on how to claim Hispanic group origin as a basis of

    Since the complaint must be reported within 45 days of occurrence (for federal employment
    discrimination), it is very important that each allegations must be dated.

    It is best to write your complaint in an affidavit form (with 'verification' or 'declaration' at the end) for
    clarification and evidentiary weight.

    See samples of discrimination complaints written in an affidavit form:

How to Write a Complaint
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