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EEOC Statistics
For fiscal year 2008 EEOC settled less than 11% of total cases it docketed and closed more
than 58% with 'no reasonable cause' finding.  Less than 5% were found to have sufficient
evidence for discrimination.  (This figure is probably for non-federal employment
discrimination cases.  EEOC only conducts
hearings on federal employment cases with
administrative judge presiding, whose determination is forwarded to the Agency to be
incorporated into the Final Agency Decision.)  

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Total cases docketed
Withdrawal with Benefits
Administrative Closures
(no determination due to filing at the court, etc.)
No Reasonable Cause finding
(determination of no discrimination due to insufficient evidence)
Reasonable Causing finding
(determination of discrimination)
Successful Conciliation
(after determination of discrimination)
Unsuccessful Conciliation
(after determination of discrimination)
"In FY 2009, federal employees and applicants filed 16,947 complaints alleging employment
discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability and
reprisal. Unlike the private sector, federal agencies themselves are responsible for
processing and investigating charges of discrimination filed against them. The average
processing time for conducting investigations rose from 180 days in FY 2008 to 185 days in
FY 2009. In addition, the average processing time for closing complaints was 344 days, an
increase from the 336 days in FY 2008. Of the 6,905 cases closed on the merits,
percent resulted in findings of unlawful discrimination
. In addition, the parties entered into
settlements in 3,394 complaints, or 21 percent of the total complaint closures."

From the summary of
2009 Annual Report on Federal Work Force by EEOC at
Reasons for the low winning rate of discrimination complaints.
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