Dear Sir,

    Your EEO21.COM website is incredible. Thank you for providing so much information for those of us who are
    in need.  I did contact you approximately 1 yr ago. Yesterday, I rediscovered your website and spent the entire
    night going over it all again. […]


    Diana, Wisconsin     

    Thank you for all of your help and assistance in my EEO matter(s) over the past 6 years.  I realized that you
    could have left me behind years ago.  You are an Angel to me.  Know that you were God sent to me.  It was a
    living hell working for EPA under the abusive and retaliatory conditions that I endured for many years.    May
    God Bless you and your family. After the opposition to summary judgement is filed, I will appeal to the OFO
    and then focus on pharmacy school.  Hopefully, I will not hear from the EEOC or EPA for at least a year.
    Hopefully we can stay in contact from time to time.  I am not sure if you will continue working in EEO matters
    or not.  I know that it is draining and time consuming, but after you have taken a break you will realize that
    working at EEO 21 is your gift.  You are good at what you do. You are a good persuasive writer.  The only
    problem is that this system is corrupt.  May God Bless you from the Bottom of my Heart.  

    Cindy, Illinois  

    Mr. Lee I want to thank you. You did and have done everything you initially said that you were going to do. You
    answered all the questions that you felt necessary to answer and not the ones that you didn’t feel it was
    necessary to answer. That did drive me a little crazy but I kept the faith that you are man of your word. That I
    have found to be true throughout this process. I know I attempted to use you as a therapist a time to two but
    this entire process has been mentally and physically draining. More time than others.I think you provide a
    great service and I cannot compare you to anything else because I only dealt with you. I chose you because
    years ago I went to a lawyer office and he was changing me $175 a consultation per hour and I could tell he
    was running the clock up on me. This was the time when around the country there were protests about the
    confederate statues everywhere. There was a statue outside his office and a protest that was supposed to
    take place that day. He made an off handed comment, plus running the clock up, and I knew he wasn’t going
    to rock with me like I needed him to. So when I found you and talked to you afterwards you sent me an email
    with our conversation almost word for word. I decided to rock with you. Plus your initial starting price was right
    up my alley for what I could afford at the time. I like the way you break everything up every step of the way. If
    you would have ask for everything upfront, I would not have been able to afford it. I want to thank you very
    much so with all my gratitude and appreciation

    Arthur, Florida

    I am writing to express my appreciation for your assistance with my appeal brief.  You have a lot of experience
    in these matters, and you would make a great attorney. I will keep you informed about the appeal, and will not
    hesitate to seek your assistance in the future. Thanks, again.

    Weston, Florida  

    I just want you to know how much I appreciate your website.  I have utilized it from the inception of my [EEO]
    case and find it very helpful.  I have also referred many other individuals to your website.

    Lisa A. ... M.D.

    I am a Federal Administrative Law Judge.  I was in a very bad situation for about 4 years and with time, it
    escalated to proportions that I still find unbelievable.  The problem with these types of cases is that the
    actions do not kill you.  They come close, but they don’t kill you.  Yes, I am a judge but I know nothing about
    Federal EEOC procedures or regulations.  I did not choose an attorney, I specifically chose Mr. Lee for
    several reasons: (1) He knows federal EEOC law like he knows his own face; (2) When I told him about my
    case, I finally had some validation that yes, it was unbelievable; (3) He is a good listener; (4) He won’t play in
    the mud with the dirty agencies, however, he anticipates the mud before they sling it (there is really no other
    way to describe this!); (5) He works very hard and he is organized – good qualities in this paper intensive
    arena; (6) He let me cry on his shoulder (I am sure his mouth was gaped open each time) because each day
    brought another “bizarre” incident.

    Some people might think that a judge would hire a lawyer; but not me.  I wanted the best.  The “best” doesn’t
    always have a law degree on the wall.  Just read how extensive his knowledge is on his website.

    My case is over, finally – after all these years.  I am grateful for Mr. Lee.

    Kim – Alabama

    I sent you an email long ago to thank you for your website.  Again I thank you for your website because I now
    have a pre-hearing conference with [the EEOC] Administrative Judge (AJ)...

    I am still waiting to hear about a sanction request [I filed] against the Agency for not complying with [my]
    Document Request; and I'm waiting for a ruling on my Motion to preclude the Agency from submitting
    documents that they think they can submit over a month and half after the discovery had ended [without
    producing them to me beforehand in response to my discovery requests].  .... Your website is awesome and
    it has taught me an incredible process that I can finally see working.  Thank you again!

    Leslie, Florida  

    Mr. Lee, I cannot express enough how relieved I am that you came into the picture on this case.  As you can
    see, my wife and I felt totally overwhelmed with this; and you just took an enormous weight off of our chest.  
    [...]  I admire your attention to detail and it appears you left no stone unturned.

    Edmund, Minnesota

    My EEOC case was so complex that most Attorneys refused to take my case.  The one Attorney that agreed to
    take my case wanted a $15,000 retainer and charged $150 an hour.  This was something I could not afford
    especially since my case took two years.  Mr. Chungsoo Lee was the answer to my prayers.  As an Army
    Veteran suffering from PTSD, there were times during the EEOC [hearing] process when I wanted to curl up
    and cry, quit my job due to retaliation, give up on the EEOC process all together; and there were times when I
    was so angry I could not think straight.  Mr. Lee stood fast and never gave up on my case or me.  I do not
    recommend anyone go through the process without an experienced representative and I highly recommend
    Mr. Chungsoo Lee.

    Michelle, Ohio

    After self representation against my agency for 13 months, I discovered EEO 21 and Mr. Chungsoo J. Lee.  
    Two years later, all four of my claims were accepted for hearings before an administrative EEOC judge
    because of Mr. Lee's remarkable skills, legal acumen, and commitment to fairness. His writings are "fierce,"
    opined my psychiatrist. Consultation with K. Street law firms in Washington, D. C., and other attorneys
    confirmed that Mr. Lee was the best choice for me. The agency went through four attorneys before accepting
    a negotiated settlement offer.  Mr. Lee's representation was priceless and I recommend/refer him without

    Gill, Maryland  (See photo on right)

    Mr. Lee, I received your responses to the EEO [investigative] questions; and I wanted to thank you for your
    help. Your answers were incredible. I am almost tearful to be receiving this kind of help after months of
    feeling totally alone in this [EEO process].

    Catherine, Ohio

    You have a real gift of cutting through the emotions your clients are feeling and summarizing the events, by
    stating the issues and the basis both briefly and accurately.  I know my case probably would have been
    dismissed had it not been for you.  Just the fact that my agency acknowledges that I may have been wronged
    and has agreed to investigate further, gives me hope that they will indeed find what so many people have told
    me--that I was treated wrongly and hopefully as a result, they won’t allow my former supervisor to mistreat
    anyone else in the future. You are a God sent! Thank you again.

    Martha, Oklahoma

    Ms. Mahoney,

    My experience with Mr. Lee was exceptional.  He gave me thorough and dedicated support continuously for
    more than a year.  He always treated me fairly and with respect.  He has exceptional writing skills.  He
    understands the laws and rules very well.  He never once failed to take action when appropriate.  He gave me
    countless hours of consultation.  I can understand your feelings and we have all had them.  But, I can assure
    you that Mr. Lee will not let you down.  He is not only good at his job but he is a genuinely good person.  When
    I look back on my situation now, my memories center not around the very stressful work situation I had then
    but around how lucky I was to find Mr. Lee and what a pleasant experience it was to work with him.  He is the

    Gloria, Arizona (upon request by Ms. Mahoney)

    I first retained an high profile exclusive employment law firm in Washington DC to represent me for my
    discrimination complaint. Their fee agreement used up all and more of my $7500 retainer before my
    complaint was schedule for a hearing. EEO 21's flat fee agreement is better suited for what could be a long
    complaint process. Mr. Lee's experience well represented my complaint against my federal employer, and
    his client communications were easy to understand.

    Dave, Virginia

    Thank you Mr. Lee for your hard fought efforts in these multiple events that has led to a wrongful termination.  
    You have performed to the best of your ability to surmise the insurmountable pieces of supporting
    documentation to prove to the officials that a wrong had seriously been done unto me.  Thank you for also
    explaining the process with layman's terms which provided me a clear understanding of what to expect
    throughout the entire process.  Your services, patience and kindness is greatly appreciated and I will
    recommend other to you as well when and if the need arises.  

    Saffareene, California

    Mr. Lee is an exceptional representative.  His knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to his clients is
    outstanding.  His positive attitude made a very stressful situation bearable.  I would strongly recommend his
    services to anyone who wishes to find justice against discrimination.

    Gloria, Arizona

    I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Lee’s for all his hard work on my case.  I will recommend his
    services to any body that is seeking help in any discrimination cases and I will use his service again.  Thank
    Mr. Lee for being there and getting me through this. You are truly appreciated.

    Shirley, Georgia

    Mr. Lee,
    You have been a great asset in my employment discrimination case, as you are very knowledgeable in the
    process and terminology aspect of my case, without which I would have been lost.  Tank you for representing
    me.  You are highly recommended.

    Ken, Philadelphia

    Mr. Lee,
    It gives me great pleasure in thanking you for the thorough and great job that you did.  By doing this, the level
    of stress disappeared.  The factual point and the materials was great.  I could not have found a better

    Again, I have been recommending you to a lot of people.  I do feel better now, even though, I am still in this
    office which they told me that they would move me....

    Thanks a million for your support and listening ears.

    Julia, Virginia

    Mr. Lee,
    I can not begin to tell you how much I appreciate your coming to my rescue with your professionalism in
    handling my discrimination case.  Not only did you help me, you also saved me thousands of dollars that
    local attorneys wanted to charge me and I felt you did a superior job in representing me at the MSPB hearing.
    I have already referred others to you and will continue to do so.


    Rodney, Minnesota

    Mr. Lee not only knows what to do and how to do it, but also he supports and validates my attempt in seeking
    justice with conviction.  Mr. Lee is aware of the battles that I have faced... He is an expert in calculating fact to
    paper and does not let any action go unexamined.   His representation has given me comfort, assurance,
    and piece of mind. ... He is truly amazing in how his mind can respond, sort through the details, and structure
    the legalities in my favor.

    Sarah, Illinois

    I have entrusted my federal employment case with EEO 21.  I am very happy with Mr. Lee's expertise in the
    field and with his courteous advice and guidance for me.  I trust him as he tells me what the next step is in
    the EEO process.  His counseling is detailed, precise, and professional.  

    Sunny, Maryland

    My experience with Mr. Lee of EEO 21 has been a very positive experience. Mr. Lee’s service consisted of
    working my EEO complaint from start to finish in any forum.  His knowledge of discrimination cases/issues
    far surpassed any lawyer that I spoke with; he truly knew how to represent me during my EEOC
    Administrative Judge's hearing.  I truly believe that Mr. Lee missed his calling: he is a true fighter for his client
    and a stand up professional who doesn’t shy away from mixing it up with federal agencies.  I highly
    recommend Mr. Lee's services for any and all discrimination cases.

    Kenneth, a retired SFC, Virginia

    Your assistance, diligence, and sympathy throughout it all was ingratiating to say the least.  Thank you again
    for your efficient and effective service. You are truly appreciated.  

    Natanya, Philadelphia

    You have done a very fine job with my case.  I wouldn’t have continued or seen the different stories that [the
    employer] was telling especially when it came to my unemployment….   I thank you deeply for your help in this

    Laurie, Ohio   

    List in progress...
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