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29 C.F.R. Part 1614.106 Formal Complaint Process in Federal Employment

(a) A complaint must be filed with the agency that allegedly      
discriminated against the complainant.                                
(b) A complaint must be filed within 15 days of receipt of the    
notice required by  1614.105 (d), (e) or (f).                         
(c) A complaint must contain a signed statement from the person   
claiming to be aggrieved or that person's attorney.  This statement   
must be sufficiently precise to identify the aggrieved individual and
the agency and to describe generally the action(s) or practice(s) that
form the basis of the complaint.  The complaint must also contain a   
telephone number and address where the complainant or the             
representative can be contacted.                                      
(d) The agency shall acknowledge receipt of a complaint in writing
and inform the complainant of the date on which the complaint was     
filed.  Such acknowledgement shall also advise the complainant that:  
(1) the complainant has the right to appeal the final decision or
dismissal of all or a portion of a complaint;  and                    
(2) The agency is required to conduct a complete and fair         
investigation of the complaint within 180 days of the filing of the   
complaint unless the parties agree in writing to extend the period.

How to File a Formal Complaint of discrimination in federal employment.  (You must first file an
informal (pre-complaint) complaint within 45 days of the act of harm.

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